Full Cashback on Pro-Vis Safety Mesh with the New NSW $1000 SafeWork Small Business Rebate

The NSW government has recently increased and launched a new $1000 rebate scheme to help small business owners in purchasing safety items that improve work health and safety, including our Pro-Vis Safety Mesh – industry-leading in workplace fall protection. 

There are many things that can fall and hit someone in the workplace. It is crucial to provide the best protection in the height safety space for our workers as according to the NSW government, “slips, trips and falls are the most common cause of serious injuries at work”. For this reason, fall prevention items will be the best way to avoid serious injuries or even death in the workplace. 

In the effort of improving the health and safety in the workplace, the NSW government has doubled their rebate scheme from $500 to $1000, helping small business owners to purchase necessary equipment to ensure the safety of their workers, which includes our Pro-Vis Safety Mesh. Which will now be 100% covered by the NSW Government. 

The SiteTech Pro-Vis Safety Mesh is the first purpose-built safety product for roof structures such as skylights.

The first certified safety mesh in Australia tested to Australian standards. The Pro-Vis Safety Mesh is easier and faster to install versus conventional timber layered options. Each component and the whole system has been thoroughly tested by engineers to ensure the highest safety and the first certified product in the market.

Our mission at SiteTech Safety is to ensure Australians get home safely to their families every night.

For more information about SiteTech Pro-Vis Safety Mesh, visit this link.

For more information about the NSW government $1000 rebate, eligibility, and how to claim, visit this link.

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