Risks Of Falls Increase As Solar Panels Get Bigger And Heavier

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The weight and size of solar panels have been increasing lately and so has the risk of various injuries and worksite incidents.

The Increase in Solar Panels Size and Weight

The demand for larger solar systems is increasing, and so is the weight of the panels. 

average solar system size graph
Source: Sunwiz, 2022

In the past couple of years, there’s been around a 20% increase in the average size of solar panels, with 401kW panels being the favourites for organisations. The increase in size means there also comes an increase in weight with 400 watts system weighing 22.5 kg and 480 watts weighing 26.5 kg. 

Risks & Issues Associated with Size and Weight 

As the solar panels get heavier, it poses an increased risk of muscular or skeletal injury. Moreover, it can also increase the risk of installers falling off a ladder, particularly in windy conditions. 

Not only the carrier, but the heavyweight and bigger size can cause damage to the roof itself. A roof has its own load-bearing capacity – allowing a certain amount of weight to be carried by the internal structure without collapsing. 

Although the roof can sustain the weight of the solar panels, delivering it with heavy tools such as 750-800 kg Pallet on top of the roof could compromise its capability to support the weight. 

Staying Safe with HERM Panel Lifter

Although all the risks above seem daunting, they can be reduced by using the HERM panel lifter. 

HERM panel lifter

The HERM panel lifter is a very viable solution to cater for the trend in increased panel sizes.

It makes light work of transporting roofing material and solar panels, engineered specifically for people who work on roofs.  With the HERM250 lifter, the maximum weight of panels is distributed across a wider footprint (3m2) down to under 140kg. 

More About HERM Panel Lifter

The HERM Panel Lifter is a German-engineered lifter, designed to help you deliver tools and materials beyond the eaves. Fast and easy to dismantle, it also utilises technology that reduces the potential risks to employees and dramatically improves the safety, speed, and efficiency on site. 

Herm Panel Lifter Features:

  • Comes in 10m and 15m Length
  • Carries up to 250kg/551 lbs
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Rapid delivery with a speed of 20-38m/minute
  • Wired or Wireless remote options, offering flexibility
  • Easy setup and transport, both horizontally and vertically by just one person
  • 2 cart designs allow for endless options of materials you can lift
  • Any configuration can simply connect and put an extension to reach your required height
  • 2 Extendable straps with easy locking are provided to secure the panels to the cart
  • Upper and lower limit switches for safe automatic switch-off

At SiteTech Safety, we want to ensure Australians get home safely to their families every night, including you. 

For more information about HERM Panel Lifter or to shop now, visit our website

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