SiteTech Safety is Saving Lives via Virtual Reality

As one of the leading construction equipment suppliers in Australia, we know we need to not only innovate with our products but also innovate our customer knowledge transfer. This ensures we continue to improve workers’ safety. 

We are proud to reveal more about our exciting new knowledge centre for SiteTech Safety, The SiteTech Safety Knowledge Hub. This knowledge hub will allow customers from all over the world to learn, practice and assess themselves on the EBRACKET Edge Protection Technology. This learning technology will be launched over the coming months. 


SiteTech has partnered with Melbourne-based VR agency UltraREM, to create a virtual reality practicing tool. We believe it to be the first of its kind in the Australian construction space. SiteTech customers will now learn by doing with simulated practices that can accessed using VR headsets, desktops and mobile phones. UltraREM’s Virtual Reality technology has allowed SiteTech Solutions to provide greater knowledge transfer and give tradesmen the ability to practice before even getting onsite. 

The online hub provides fully interactive learning, creating a virtual scene where participants are taken through all the real steps with the required tools to set up their roof edge protection on the job. This same technology is used for virtual reality games around the world. We are excited to be innovating in the area and now using it for education and most importantly saving lives.


SiteTech Safety EBRACKET Edge Protection System training tool. Height Safety for working on roofs

SiteTech Safety Australia is the exclusive Australian distributor of the EBRACKET Edge Protection System, a roof guardrail edge protection product from New Zealand. It’s becoming the most popular roof height safety scaffolding and roofing guardrail product for Australian roofers, solar installers, electricians, construction companies and more.

SiteTech Safety is proud to be at the forefront of construction safety innovation in Australia. We provide a diverse range of height safety equipment and edge protection products to serve every industry working at heights.

To supplement the traditional user guides/product manuals, the new Knowledge Hub will make learning far more engaging with gamification features. Tradesmen around Australia can benefit from the added element of incentive-centred design and competition and even more engagement features to come!

Users will learn how to put up their new roof edge protection with visual and verbal instructions, as well as being asked questions and being tested throughout to ensure maximum interaction. Then as recognition for their commitment, completion badges are sent to companies for putting in the time and effort to help their workers practise before they commence using the product.

The successful EBRACKET Edge Protection Technology has been taken up by hundreds of Australian businesses in less than 2 years. We hope to support existing and future customers to become confident and competent in the new edge protection for roofs faster and safer.

This is only the beginning, stay tuned as we continue to innovate with VR, new products and exciting initiatives at SiteTech Safety.  

Interested to know more or buy edge protection? Get in touch with our experienced team here. 

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