The Benefits of Portable Toilets in Construction Sites

Construction sites can be challenging environments. Thus, providing adequate hygiene facilities for workers such as portable toilets is an important consideration. 

Portable toilets are an increasingly popular solution in the construction industry due to their many benefits:

1. Improves hygiene

Portable toilets are designed with features like hand sanitisers, soap dispensers, and even waste storage and containment systems that help to minimise the spread of germs and diseases, which is especially important in a construction setting where workers may come into close contact with one another. Moreover, it also helps to prevent any unpleasant odours or health hazards.

2. Increase productivity levels

By installing portable toilets, workers will save more time from unnecessary travel to find the nearest toilets available near them. Thus, more time to work on the project.

3. Cost-effective, convenient, and flexible

Portable toilets can easily be transported to different locations to ensure there’s always enough capacity for everyone on site. They are also relatively inexpensive to purchase or rent, have low maintenance costs and have long lifespans.

4. Environmentally friendly

They also use less water than permanent toilets and many units feature composting systems or other waste management technologies that minimise their environmental impact.

Hurry and secure your site safety and productivity with SiteTech FlushMax 390 Portable Toilet!

Why SiteTech FlushMax 390 Portable Toilets?

SiteTech Trade’s FlushMax 390 portable toilet is a high-capacity, modern and super spacious unit that can be moved around your site or property via forklift or crane. Its massive 390L waste tank allows less frequent servicing requirements and saves you time and money. 


– Huge capacity 390L waste and 130L water tanks

– Hygienic foot pump water flush and hand wash

– Lifting hooks with reinforced steel roof frame

– Strong UV-treated HDPE plastics

– Naturally lit translucent white roof

– Heavy duty plastic fork skid base – Non-slip easy clean self-draining floor

– Key lockable self-closing door

– Large internal mirror

– Gender indicator – Coat hook

Make the most of the ‘FlushMax 390’ and its improved capabilities, modern design, and increased hygiene!

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