The History of E-Bracket Edge Protection System

Scaffolding has been the only option for most tradespeople working at heights for years. It is expensive to hire, and its bulky nature can lead to missed deadlines, often hindering progress around building sites for residential and smaller projects.

Still, scaffolding remained the answer to ensuring the security of workers at heights. But is it the safest option?

And so an idea was born

In July 2012, Edge Protection NZ Ltd was founded to offer flexible and cost-effective solutions to traditional scaffolding. The company recognised the growing need for versatile edge protection systems in the construction industry and aimed to provide a new way of thinking to meet the industry’s demands.

With the invaluable input of experienced and practical tradespeople, our initial E-Bracket design was developed, becoming a game-changer in edge protection. Ensuring compliance with AS/NZ 4994.1:2009 standard while meeting the needs of builders and roofers in numerous locations.

Technical design

As part of the manufacturing process, the need for welding was eliminated with laser cutting. This made the brackets fully stackable, resulting in a highly innovative, user-friendly product.

Industry Input

Tradespeople were recruited to ensure the equipment was up to standard and aligned with the everyday needs of those working at heights. SDL, a leading engineering company in Waikato, New Zealand, has a team of design engineers working with industry experts to create and test temporary edge protection solutions that meet or exceed safety standards.

Benefits of the E-Bracket Edge Protection System

The innovative E-Bracket Edge Protection System provides significant benefits to businesses and workers alike.

Greater Site Efficiency

Equipment installs quickly with 1.5 min per meter. The wide 5.4-meter bracket spacing and lightweight aluminium rail reduce labour costs.

Reduced Cost of Construction

Scaffolding rental can be more expensive than edge protection. E-Bracket is a cost-effective alternative with quick installation and lower labour costs. The greatest cost-effective feature is that E-Bracket installations do not require the formal qualifications to install scaffolding.

Control over Installation

Equipment ownership gives you control over timeframes and eliminates reliance on rental companies. You can set up and take down the equipment at your discretion and ensure it meets your company’s standards. Furthermore, E-Bracket, combined with the flexible multibracket system, can work with most commercial & residential roof fixtures and fittings.

Immediate Return on Investment

Clients can pay off their equipment within months and even generate additional profit by renting it out during periods of non-use. This can become a separate business for some clients.

8 compliant system options

Our eight variants have sold thousands of units and are the preferred choice for roof edge protection throughout Australia and New Zealand.

  1. New Built Soft Mount (EBA)
  2. New Built Truss Mount (EBS)
  3. Residential Roof (EBR)
  4. Commercial Roof (EBC)
  5. Garage & Sheds (EBG)
  6. Wall Mount (EBW)
  7. Commercial Surface Mount (EBCSM)
  8. Parapet

E-Bracket Edge Protection System is already being utilised by many satisfied clients in New Zealand and Australia. Take advantage of the chance to experience the benefits of our edge protection system for yourself. 

Contact our Safety team today to schedule a consultation and see how E-Bracket can improve your worksite safety and efficiency.

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