Top 5 Common Hazards in a Construction Work

Construction work is a sector in which a lot of accidents occur. What are the top common hazards that happen in this industry?

construction hazards

Accidents on Construction Sites

Safe Work Australia released a report, showing that the construction industry ranks third in work-related fatalities in 2020. Even worse, they rank second with 15,567 serious injuries claims accounting for 13% out of all the claims made[1].

5 Common Hazards in Construction Work

Keeping in mind that safety is a top priority in this sector, we compiled some of the top common hazards in construction work so you can better prepare and prevent them from happening.

1. Moving Vehicles

A construction site is a very hectic environment where there are a lot of moving objects and vehicles moving around the area. With workers working around the area, this poses a serious risk to them. 

2. Collapse

Construction sites have a lot of building work. Thus, there are a lot of cases in which trenches and scaffolding can collapse with workers stuck inside. Furthermore, buildings that are under construction or being demolished can unexpectedly collapse causing further injury and even fatality to the workers. 

3. Slips, Trips, and Falls

Slips, trips and falls often occur in a construction site where there are a lot of uneven terrains, buildings, holes and grounds due to the uncompleted work being done. Safe Work Australia reported that 30% of these falls were caused by working off a ladder[2] and therefore should be given more attention.

4. Manual Handling

Most of the time, construction workers need to lift heavy objects and they do this manually. This puts pressure on the body and causes serious injuries. Thus, workers should look to lifting heavy objects with a mechanical aid or a lifter to help ease the weight. 

5. Working at Heights

Lastly, the top leading cause of injury and fatality in a construction site is falling from height. 28% of death in the construction industry is caused by working at heights[3]. Thus, the sector needs to install edge protection systems to reduce these risks. 

Reducing the Risk of Construction Accidents with SiteTech

Although it seems daunting, there are ways in which the construction industry can reduce these risks. One of the ways is through implementing edge protection systems to ensure the workers’ safety. 

At SiteTech, we offer EBRACKET® Edge Protection System to make sure Australian workers are safe at work. With our edge protection technology, we are providing the best, safe, compliant, yet cost-effective solution to height safety.

EBRACKET® Edge Protection System:
  • 40% cheaper than scaffolding
  • Reduce job time
  • Only takes 30 mins to assemble
  • No more harnesses!
  • Fully compliant with AS/NZ S4994.12009
  • 95% can be assembled from the ground
  • The safest height safety solution in the market
  • Meet the enforced OHS standards

At SiteTech Safety, our mission is to ensure Australian workers get home safely to their families every night. 

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