What is Picket Fencing?

Picket Fencing is a term used to refer to fences made with upright stakes, or pickets, connected with horizontal supports. It is usually designed to keep a particular area/land safe from intruders or things that can harm them – as a boundary. 

Chosen not only because of its functionality in terms of protecting a certain area but the picket fence is also preferred due to its capability to give the land/project a certain degree of privacy and safety while still maintaining the look.

There are many different types of picket fences available that vary in size, shape, materials, and functions. 

sitetech star pickets
Credits: Cynthia Ng

Although they are different, they are still made with the same basic parts. 

Among the various types of picket fences available in Australia, particularly, the Star Picket Fence which is made from steel is leading the industry. Although it can also be used for residential purposes, the star picket fence is widely used in farms, construction sites, and urban sites to keep their area safe and aid in their operations. 

At SiteTech, we provide quality steel star pickets, designed specifically for safety. SiteTech Safety range of steel star pickets are:

  • Manufactured from steel 
  • Bitumen coated to prevent rust 
  • Hole punched (x 14 holes) and pointed 
  • Fire resistant 

For orders above $500, we offer free delivery in Melbourne, with pickup available in Dandenong South.

Ensure your worksite is safe!

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