Why do Australians prefer Star Pickets for Fencing?

Star pickets have always been the leader in the fencing industry, especially in Australia. But, why? Why do Australians prefer star pickets among the other picket fences available? Here’s why.

Australia has a lot of farms, construction sites, and urban areas. Due to its nature, Australians tend to find something that could protect their land/area from intruders coming to destroy or cause damage to their work, home, project site, or farms. To do this, they need to keep a boundary by using fences. Not just any fences, but strong fences with great functionality – star pickets.

A star picket is a pointed fence post made of steel. It has three strips of cross-section metals, is strong, and holds down the structure of your fence. 

Strong and Durable

Unlike wood picket fences that easily rot, damage, or tilt due to the weather, star pickets are strong and resistant to the listed factors. Even more durable than timber or concrete fence post, star pickets can last for a very long time.


Materials for star pickets are economical. Moreover, as star pickets can last a long time, it means that you won’t need to keep replacing or spend extra on maintenance costs, saving you a lot of money, especially in the long term.

Quick and Easy

Star pickets are very easy to install. You just need to hammer the star picket posts into the ground with either a manual or pneumatic post driver. 

Strong, Cost-Effective, Hassle-Free.

Star pickets have easily gained their place in Australians’ heart.

At SiteTech, we provide quality steel star pickets, designed specifically for safety. SiteTech Safety range of steel star pickets are:

  • Painted yellow tip (20 sm) 
  • Manufactured from steel 
  • Bitumen coated to prevent rust 
  • Hole punched (x 14 holes) and pointed 
  • Fire resistant 

For orders above $500, we offer free delivery in Melbourne. Pickup is available in Dandenong South.

Order your steel star pickets now and ensure your worksite is safe!

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