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The EBRACKET® edge protection for roof work is perfect alternative to traditional scaffolding. Our systems are fast to install and faster to dismantle, saving you time and in-turn money.

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Why Are Our Systems the Best?

Fully Compliant
Cost Effective
Compliant Lightweight Aluminium
No Scaffold Tickets or Qualification Required
No Damage to Eave
Australian & New Zealand Made
No Height Restrictions *


Why Australian Businesses Love The EBRACKET® Edge Protection Technology

The Safest Solution

95% of the EBRACKET® Edge Protection System can be assembled from the ground. Making it the safest height safety solution on the market. It is rigorously designed and tested to be compliant with AS/NZS 4994.1:2009. So, you can rest assured your business is meeting the enforced OHS standards.


The EBRACKET® Edge Protection System is approx. 40% cheaper than scaffolding. Pays for itself, as you stop continuously paying for scaffold-based edge protection. Also ​​hire the system out to other contractors – more money in your pocket!

Simple & Efficient

The EBRACKET® Edge Protection System only takes 30 mins to assemble. Once it’s all in place, you’re then able to move around more freely without the hassle of a harness. This means your job time is reduced.

The EBRACKET® Edge Protection Technology is distributed in Australia by SiteTech Solutions

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