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Aluminium Rail & Joiner Sets



Set Includes:
3 x Aluminium Rails 48mmOD
3 x Rail Joiners to suit 48mmOD pipe

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Features and benefits:

– Lightweight and much safer and faster to install compared to conventional heavy steel systems

– Compatible with every Ebracket system 

– Super fast handrail installation from the ground when using the The Rail Racer tool to lift the rail

– Locally extruded in Australia



Rail Specification:

Outside Diameter: 48mm

Pipe wall thickness: 3.2mm


Joiner Specification: 

Galvanised Steel

Suits 48mmOD pipe



Set Inclusions & Coverage:

Each set includes 3 x pieces of rail and 3 x joiners to allow you to connect to the next set of railing. The rail length will depend on which selection you choose from the drop down selection.   

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3m Rail Set, 4m Rail Set, 6m Rail Set

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