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Purpose built for new home builders, this patented EBRACKET™ design allows faster installation times and greater flexibility, whilst ensuring maximum employee safety when working at heights. The EBR is designed to fit to existing buildings where cladding and soffit (eave) disruption is not an option.

Perfect for all trades: maintenance, painting/coating, solar, roofing.

The ingenious design of the system allows a secure and safe fall protection whilst not requiring new penetrations to the exterior of the home. It is applied via an adjustable base jack on the ground placing tension under the soffit (eave) via a vertical pole attached to the EBRACKET™

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– Suitable for roof pitches from flat up to 35 degrees

– E Bracket will erect rapidly with up to 5.4 metre aluminium rail lengths.

– Patented EBracket technology

– No interference with the wall framing

– Made in NZ to the highest quality standards.

– Stackable storage system allowing easy transportation to site

– Fully compliant to AS/NZ S4994.12009

– Compatible with all roof access systems such as gates and stairs


Complete, Bracket Only, Complete 4M, Complete 6M, Complete Multibracket attachment & Outrigger 4M, Complete Multibracket attachment & Outrigger 6M

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