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EBRACKET® Wall Mount (EBW) – Complete



EBRACKET® Wall Mount Complete

1 x Wall Mount Post
2 x Wall Mount Brackets
1 x 3m Aluminium Rail – Upright
6 x Half Clamp
2 x Hex Nuts for Wall Mount Brackets

The EBW Wall Mount bracket is designed to fit over new or existing cladding to steel DHS (“C” section) purlins/girts, timber purlins and girts, concrete tilt panels and timber wall construction.

This makes it ideal for new steel shed construction or commercial re roofs as the mounting brackets are secured at existing fixing lines preventing damage to the cladding.

The wall mounts are padded and fit inside the pan section of most trapezoidal metal wall cladding profiles or surface mount onto corrugated profile iron cladding.

It provides for some clearance with roof overhangs/gutters but ideally is suited to face mounting where there is little to no roof overhang.

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Features and benefits of the Edge Protection wall mount bracket system include:

– Mounts over existing cladding 

– Suitable for roof pitches from flat up to 35 degrees

– Compatible with both timber rails (SG8 90×45) at up to 2.7mtr bracket centres and5.4mtr bracket centres when using Genuine Edge Protection aluminium rails

– The stackable design feature ensures simple storage and transport to site

– No more waiting for scaffold companies

– Guardrails can be fitted from the ground in most cases with The Rail Racer

– Fast to install and faster to dismantle

– Fully compliant to AS/NZS4994.1:2009

– Compatible with all roof access systems such as gates and stairs 

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