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SiteTech Pro-Vis Safety Mesh



The SiteTech Pro-Vis Safety Mesh is the first purpose-built safety product for roof structures such as skylights.

The first certified safety mesh in Australia tested to Australian standards. The Pro-Vis Safety Mesh is easier and faster to install versus conventional timber layered options. Each component and the whole system has been thoroughly tested by engineers to ensure the highest safety and the first certified product in the market.

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Features and benefits:

– The Pro-vis system is a combination of components (net, karabiner, lock system)

– Quicker to install versus conventional timber layered options

– Easier to carry to the roof height, only requiring one person

– The Karabiner is made of corrosive resistant steel and conforms to regulatory requirements with a double-action safety mechanism. The karabiner used are over-specified for the use.

– A Sitetech Safety aluminium roof anchor fastened with three individual screw points and stickered with high visibility marking

– Custom designed roof fixing method certified through active consultation with structural engineers and regulatory bodies

– 10 X 1.3m lightweight netting manufactured in Australia from the highest quality Spanish raw materials.

– High capacity screw gate enclosure carabiners for maximum safety and efficacy on site.

– High capacity (category 5 rated) 13-gauge screws that are easily replaced post-installation – no patching.

– Reflective tape applied to the footing to remove trip hazard risks.

– Comes with complete roof mounting kit and A carry pack for easy storage in between uses

– UV Treated


– Netting certified to EN 126-1-2014

– Mesh System certified to ASNZS:4389

– Carabiners certified to EN362

– Certified to ASNZS:4389


– Blue Mesh

– White and Yellow perimeter rope and stitching for maximum visibility

Net Dimensions:

Length 10m

Width 1.3m

Opening mesh 100mm X 100mm.


Suitable for penetrative roof surfaces with minimum roof sheeting thickness of 0.5mm and 550MPa tensile strength. Three easy screw fixings per installation point.

Maximum 2m between installation points, 1 fixing point per corner.


– Class A2 Net

– 30KN border rope passed through exterior meshes of the net

– High tenacity polypropylene

The Complete Netting Kit includes:

– 1 x 10m x 1.3m Sitetech Safety Mesh

– 18 x Carabiners

– 18 x Sunlock Safety Net Brackets

– Travel bag

– Certificate of Conformance issued with each net

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