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SiteTech Safety is the Exclusive Australian Distributor of the patented EBRACKET® Edge Protection Systems. This unique technology can save workers up to half an hour for every installation on setup and dismantle time.

Site Efficiency

A suite of products designed by engineers to work seamlessly together. Minimal interference to existing structures and worksites are ready faster with fully adjustable E Bracket systems that can be set up safely from the ground. No more waiting for scaffolding companies!


Rigorously designed and tested to be compliant with AS/NZS 4994.1:2009. Rest assured that you are meeting the OHS standards.


Easy to stack, easy to transport and easy to store.

EBRACKET® Edge Protection Technology

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Edge Protection

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EBRACKET® Edge Protection Hire

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Frequently Asked Questions

At what height do I need edge protection?

The short answer to this is ALL roofs require edge protection regardless of the distance to the ground. Worksafe are enforcing their "Working at heights" campaign vigorously and will look to prosecute any non compliant working practice at height.

Is this edge protection compliant?

Yes, all of our systems have passed rigorous testing under supervision of a registered engineer in accordance with AS/NZS4994.1:2009 Standard.

Can I erect this system myself?

Yes, any able bodied person can erect our edge protection systems. You do not have to hold any formal qualification. Ill informed scaffolders may tell you that you have to be a scaffolder or hold a scaffolding qualification to erect our systems which is 100% incorrect! Our systems are classified as a "proprietary edge protection system" Not scaffolding. If you would like full clarification on this, please contact us.

I have some galvanised scaffold tube already, can I use this with your system?

Yes you can. Galvanised tube is fine for use with all our systems however very heavy and we recommend the use of aluminium tube for better site efficiency and safety.

Do the brackets stack well?

Yes, the laser cut and folded design allows for all brackets to be stacked in a neat pile for easy storage and transport to site unlike other systems that leave you with a huge untidy pile of brackets.

Do you have a system for new houses?

Yes, we have systems for standard soffits and gable ends, stud mounted brackets and our re roof bracket works on new housing as well.

Do you have a system for existing houses?

Yes, our Re roof system has been developed specifically for fitment to most existing structures for re roofing, painting, moss treatments and solar energy installation etc.

It is also ideal for new housing and alterations.

Do the rail heights need to be installed at a specific distance apart?

Yes they do. However we have made this easy for you by pre fabricating the mounting points at the required centres so all you need to do is drop the rails in and tighten the clamps.

Is the system fast to install/erect?

Yes, extremely. Given that the rail heights are pre set to the required spacings this saves a huge amount of time and our alloy rails are only 7kgs each which are very easy to manage at height. We have developed a safe lifting device called The Rail Racer which now enables complete guardrail fitment from the ground on residential applications ensuring height safety is achieved through eliminating the need to work at height.

Do the brackets leave enough room for the gutter and fascia?

Yes, the design of the bracket allows plenty of room for even a large boxed gutter.

What are your Payment terms?

Once full payment confirmation has been received goods will be dispatched. Internet Banking is preferred alternatively you can pay by credit card or paypal. 

How much does the re roof system weigh?

Our 66 lineal metre pack weighs only 668kgs so is easily trailered to site or stacked on a small truck.

Do you have a bracket for the commercial sector?

Yes we do. The EBC Commercial Bracket has been designed to surface mount to steel purlin, timber and concrete tilt panel. It can also be used as a floor mounted guardrail system.

How does your Re roof system compare to others for price?

Our Re roof system packages have proven to be cheaper yet offer more equipment than our competitors so offers great value for money.

Why should I buy your system when I can hire scaffolding?

The E Bracket® system generally pays itself off after the third or fourth job as opposed to continually paying for scaffold based edge protection.  The return on investment thereafter is huge and the system can even be hired out to other contractors putting more money in your pocket!

Can I make my own edge protection brackets?

No, the reason being is that all temporary edge protection systems are required to be manufactured and tested in accordance with a Australian/New Zealand standard and are required to be signed off by a REGISTERED ENGINEER. You cannot simply have your general engineer make them for you as they do not have the qualifications or insurance to provide you with safe and compliant equipment that conforms to the appropriate standard.

We have invested a large amount of time and money in product development to ensure we have a system suitable for your needs and provide adequate solutions for height safety Australia wide.

But I can make my own edge protection out of scaffold tube can't I?

No you can not. As specified in "Good Practice Guidelines for Scaffolding November 2016", " Single standard scaffolding should not be used. Any scaffolding used for roof edge protection must be correctly constructed and have all necessary guardrails,toeboards and a platform". So yes you can construct a full scaffold with a working platform but not an assembly from poles only. This is because it is basically impossible to erect such an assembly in a safe manner. 

Do you provide training for the E Bracket® system?

We provide COVID safe webinars post product delivery via our dedicated Sitetech Safety Training Centre.

How long will it take to get my order sent to me?

Allow 2-3 weeks to most centres in Australia.

Can I buy your product through my local merchant store?

Yes you can buy our system through AC Solar Warehouse or AWM

Do you have finance options?

Yes we do! We can offer finance through Humm

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