At What Height Do You Need a Fall Protection System?

Accidents due to falling from heights are becoming more common. Thus, a fall protection system needs to be in place to prevent this from happening. But, at which height do you need the system to protect you?

fall protection system

Falls from heights has been the leading cause of death on many construction sites[1] in Australia. NSW Safety recommended that when working at heights, you need temporary edge protection systems as they are the best control measure to prevent falls.

What is the Minimum Height for a Fall Protection System?

There is no exact height requirement where workers need a fall edge protection system. But in general, you need edge protection systems when working at roofs or heights. Moreover, if it is 2 metres and above where it is considered high-risk construction work[2].

There are various temporary edge protection systems that are available to suit the building structure or budget constraint. These range from guardrails to static lines, and more. 

Choosing The Right Edge Protection Systems

According to Safe Work SA, when looking for edge protection systems, make sure that they are:[3]

  • In accordance with AS/NZS 4994.1 and AS/NZS 4994.2
  • The site has enough capability to install and dismantle the system
  • Compatible with the roof-supporting structure 
  • Can be erected to follow the roof’s profile without gaps where a person could fall

SiteTech EBRACKET® Edge Protection System

At SiteTech, we offer EBRACKET® Edge Protection System to make sure Australian workers are safe at work. With our edge protection technology, we are providing the best, safe, compliant, yet cost-effective solution to height safety.

EBRACKET® Edge Protection System:
  • 40% cheaper than scaffolding
  • Reduce job time
  • Only takes 30 mins to assemble
  • No more harnesses!
  • Fully compliant with AS/NZ S4994.12009
  • 95% can be assembled from the ground
  • The safest height safety solution in the market
  • Meet the enforced OHS standards

At SiteTech Safety, our mission is to ensure Australian workers get home safely to their families every night. 

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