Can a fall protection system flexibly work on multiple roof types?

Can a fall protection system flexibly work on multiple roof types?


Scaffolding is widely utilised in construction projects as a common practice. It serves as a temporary structure designed to ensure the safety of workers operating at elevated levels. However, is scaffolding becoming less relevant in modern times? 

If you are currently utilising scaffolding in your projects, you might be facing the following limitations: 

The EBracket® Universal Surface Mount is an innovative, robust, versatile system that enhances height safety during roofing construction and maintenance. This system provides a comprehensive solution for limitations presented by scaffolding systems. To illustrate its effectiveness, we’ve included real-life examples of the EBracket® Surface Mount system, showcasing its versatility and safety features.

Tin & Klip-lok Attachment
Tin & Klip-lok Attachment
Tile Mount Attachment

Why do we call this EBracket® Surface Mount a versatile system?

The surface mount system is an upgraded on-roof edge protection solution for residential and commercial works. Previously, this system only applied to tin and tile roofs, but now it is tested to integrate Klip-Lok attachments, providing a universal solution across diverse roof types. See the key features of the system below.

Key Features

Apart from the universal feature, this system has a few striking features that make it compatible with various roofs. We have discussed several impressive system attributes, encompassing its technical components.


The EBracket® fits most metal roof coverings fastened over timber and steel purlins.

Suitable for roof pitches up to 35 degrees

It certified roof pitches from flat to 35 degrees, making the system compatible with commercial and residential roof works. Upright poles do not limit the system so they can be used in various building structures, such as single-storey, apartment, or factory buildings. For compatibility enquiries, consult your statutory authority.

Dynamic Testing

The system has been dynamically tested to AS/NZS4994.1 standards.

Cost & time effectiveness

Installation of this system does not require a scaffolding ticket. Hence, no dedicated training and professional qualifications are required to install the Surface Mount system, saving most labour costs. The surface mount bracket spacing is 5.4 m wide, compared to 3 m for traditional scaffolding. Thus, with fewer brackets, you will reduce the installation time by 43%.

Easy Installation

The EBracket® system is designed for ease of use with effective installation and dismantling. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to install the system, demonstrating its simplicity and user-friendly design. No qualifications or experience are needed, making it accessible to all.

Stackable and convenient storage of brackets

One of the unique features of the EBracket® system is its stackability. Once you’re done with the installation, the brackets can be stacked neatly for storage. This saves space and ensures easy access and organisation of your equipment.

Progressive Guardrail Installation (PGI)

 The surface mount system ensures pre-set rail heights around the perimeter. This innovative feature allows installers to fit guardrails progressively from the roof surface while remaining behind the guardrail assembly. This not only enhances safety but also improves efficiency and ease of installation.

Safety measures for in-fall protection during installation of the system

While no specific certifications are needed to install scaffolding, we strongly emphasise ensuring safety at heights for roofing projects. Therefore, we suggest implementing the following precautions:

After-sale services with the surface mount purchases

The EBracket® Universal Surface Mount revolutionises edge protection, making construction sites safer for workers. By understanding its features and installation techniques, you can ensure a secure working environment while working at heights. 

SiteTech Safety provides a written installation manual with instructions on safely installing and dismantling our edge protection systems. You are always welcome to call us to learn more about the system. We offer unlimited on-call support, ensuring you feel supported and confident using our product.

SiteTech is also proud to offer a learning hub where you can learn virtually about edge protection systems.

Contact SiteTech Safety today to learn more about Edge Protection Systems and services.

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