Fall Protection and Leading Edges: What You Need to Know

Safe practices while working at heights have become a priority recently with major incidents occurring around Australia. Recently, a company was fined $20,000 after a worker fell from a roof at a residential construction site. 

According to SafeWork Australia, ”Falls from heights are the number one cause of death on NSW construction sites. The most serious and fatal falls are from roofs, ladders and scaffolds, and from a height of under 4 metres.”

At SiteTech Solutions, we are working to make sure businesses are aware of our products and preventative measures. Ensuring Australians make it home to their families every night.

Roof repairman working on the working at height.Professional industrial climber in helmet and uniform works at height,Industrial climbing at construction site,Working at height equipment concept.

When do we need fall protection equipment?

Fall protection equipment is required for anyone working at heights of 2 metres or higher. Certainly, there are different types of fall protection systems, and the one that is most appropriate for your premises will depend on the fall hazards that are present and the type of work that is carried out.

In Australia it is important to remember that height safety equipment and working at heights practices are governed by the Working At Height Association (WAHA).

The EBRACKET® edge protection for roof work is a perfect cost-effective alternative to traditional scaffolding. These systems are fast to install and faster to dismantle, saving you time and in turn money.

Edge protection products:

The EBW Wall Mount Bracket makes it ideal for new steel shed construction or commercial re-roofs as the mounting brackets are secured at existing fixing lines preventing damage to the cladding.

Purpose-built for commercial builders, this patented EBRACKET™ design allows faster installation times and greater flexibility, whilst ensuring maximum employee safety when working at heights

For all roofing work, we indeed have a solution. View our range of fall protection now. 

Why SiteTech?

  1. Industry leaders in compliant, versatile and easy-to-use safety solutions. 
  2. No more waiting for scaffolding companies, our fully adjustable E Bracket systems can be set up safely from the ground.
  3. Approximately 40% cheaper than scaffolding.
  4. Designed by engineers to work seamlessly together and create minimal interference to existing structures.
  5. Everything your site needs including fencing, crossovers, portable toilets, hand wash stations, security cameras and regular servicing.

At SiteTech we believe – “Safety isn’t expensive, it’s priceless” 

Don’t just take our word for it:

“Every solar installation we do is now a lot safer thanks to SiteTech Solutions. Peri Peri is now leading the way in WA for solar installations, roof safety and OH&S.

-Peri Peri Electrical, Perth

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