How temporary fencing can benefit your construction business

Site fencing. It’s required of all builders on any site for home or commercial construction. Ensuring the safety and security of your site is of great importance for insurance, work safety, and preventing theft. But carting your fencing from site to site can be fussy and inconvenient. That is where temporary fencing comes in.

Why temporary fencing?

Temporary fencing options allow for far more flexibility regarding the size, customisation and safety levels needed for different types of sites. One size doesn’t necessarily always fit all, so being able to swap out different types of fencing at a reduced cost without needing to purchase and transport them each time can be a more efficient model.

There are, however, an extensive amount of fencing options available. So here are some tips on how best to approach selecting the best fencing for the job every time. 

Identify your needs to find the best temporary fencing

It sounds simple, but consider the exact purpose of the fence, the size of the area, how long it will be needed and where it will be kept. Even taking the weather into consideration can mean the difference between the right fencing and the very wrong. Therefore, we can list our most asked questions as follows:

1. Do you intend to install the temporary fencing in a high-wind area?

2. Do you wish to advertise on the fence?

3. What regulations are required for additional protection for Pavement protection and silt-erosion protection?

4. Does the fencing need to be compliant with Australian standards?

Do your research

As mentioned above, and as we all know, there are many different types of fencing solutions available. Australian standards stipulate that the fencing cannot be climbed, and hence, chain link fencing is often not appropriate.

Think about stability

Obviously, you will need different accessories for different situations. Whether it’s concrete feet, Fence-Lok or a combination of these with bracing support.


The main point of the fencing is ensuring the safety of the site and your workers. Make sure your selected fence complies with the temporary fence safety regulations and standards in your area. 


Are you advertising as well? Need a particular look? Temporary fencing can be dual purpose. Though not always necessary, sometimes there is a need to consider the project’s aesthetics. And there are different types of aesthetic temporary fencing panels available.

Banner mesh advertising is a popular way to promote the brand on-site; however, it will require additional support bracing.

Some solutions will be better than others, but if you can identify the right type of fencing, temporary options become even more appealing. Easily cater to residential or commercial sites, concerts, festivals, and sporting events, there is a type of fencing for every situation. 

Being able to change out the fence type easily is one key benefit of temporary fencing that means no need to find permanent storage space, less fuss for your workers and less hassle for you. There are stackable options, making transportation and storage easy to handle if you do need to transport them between sites. 

Depending on the solution you choose, you could not only be saving yourself time, but saving on costs as well. 

Wherever you need secure, temporary barriers, crowd control, and perimeter fencing, SiteTech has you covered with tailored solutions compliant with Australian Standards.

Should you need a more elevated aesthetic, we offer temporary fence signage, such as PVC banner mesh and OH&S boards, to enhance your brand’s visibility and awareness on-site.

Download our Temporary Fencing brochure or get in touch with us today to discover the difference we can make for your project’s security and peace of mind.

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