Unveiling the Importance of Safety Mesh for a Secure Workplace

Safety mesh is crucial in providing fall protection and preventing accidents or injuries that can occur due to falls from skylights, roofs or elevated surfaces.

It is designed to ensure a secure workplace environment, particularly in areas where workers are exposed to skylights and potential fall hazards. Some of the benefits are:

  • Preventing falls

It acts as a protective barrier that prevents workers from falling through skylights or fragile roof surfaces. This significantly reduces the risks of falls and subsequent injuries.

  • Compliance

Working at heights requires an appropriate fall protection system in Australia. Based on circumstances safety mesh may be the best solution. Our system is the first certified safety mesh in Australia tested to Australian standards.

  • Enhancing workers safety

It also provides a secure working environment, boosting the safety and well-being of workers. It instils confidence in employees who work at heights, reducing anxiety and improving overall productivity.

  • Legal and liability considerations

Failure to meet safety standards and adequately protect workers from fall hazards can result in legal consequences and liabilities.

Install SiteTech Pro-Vis Safety Mesh

The first purpose-built safety product for roof structures such as skylights and the first certified safety mesh in Australia tested to Australian standards, the Pro-Vis is easier and faster to install versus conventional timber layered options.

Each component and the whole system has been thoroughly tested by engineers to ensure the highest safety and the first certified product in the market.

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