What is the purpose of construction site safety?

We have always seen some strong requirements around the safety of construction sites, its workers, and people around. But why? What is the purpose of construction site safety? 

The construction industry is the leading sector in both workplace compensation claims and workplace fatalities. The construction industry had 26 worker fatalities in 2019 and 9% were driven by falls from a height. According to SafeWork Australia, “Working from heights continues to be a high-risk activity and leading cause of death and serious injury.”

Businesses are increasingly feeling the legal pressure of protecting their workers in accordance with national guidelines, but also looking for quality and cost-effective solutions to this need. But there is a lot more to height safety than just ticking a requirement box.

  1. Getting Your Workers Home Safe – The most crucial one right? 
  2. Your fiscal savings – Something that people might not always consider when investing in safety is the long-term savings that come from it. 
  3. Credibility – Nobody wants to hire a company that is going to have frequent injuries while building their building.
  4. More credibility – The construction industry has a common connotation of danger, and setting yourself apart in safety is wildly beneficial for getting great workers on site, especially if you want to appeal to the younger generation. 

Keeping your workers safe should be at the top of any priority list. 

At SiteTech Solutions, Safety is priceless for us.

SiteTech keeping Australian worksites seen safe and secure

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