The Importance of a Portable Handwash Station at Construction Sites

Construction site managers need to provide access to means such as portable handwash stations. This is to maintain cleanliness, abide by the rules, and keep the workers healthy. 

Why Do You Need a Portable Handwash Station? 

Construction sites are full of workers busily handling construction materials, tools, and equipment. This leads to a very unclean and messy environment that poses many risks to the workers and the project itself. Thus, it is important for construction sites to have a readily accessible and effective means of hand washing to reduce health, operational, and legal risks. 

Portable handwash stations are a practical solution to this problem. But, what makes it so important and what are the benefits of portable handwash stations?

1. Prevent the spread of diseases and keep workers healthy

Construction workers are at a higher risk of getting infected with diseases due to the nature of their work. They come in contact with heavy equipment and materials that could expose them to dirt, grime, and other contaminants which contain bacteria and viruses. With portable handwash stations, workers can easily and frequently wash their hands. This will reduce the risk of disease transmission and keep them healthy.

2. Reduce risks of project delays

Providing handwash stations will reduce the risk of sickness in workers which could disrupt the project’s timeline. Keeping workers healthy means you can maintain your project’s timeline without having to slow down the work. 

3. Cost-effective

Moreover, portable handwashing stations are more cost-effective than having to install a permanent handwashing facility. Permanent ones need more investment and require plumbing and electrical work. However, portable ones require only a water source and electricity. They are also highly mobile and can relocate easily – saving you more money for future projects. 

4. Meet the OSHA standards

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), employers of 11 or more hand labourers in the field are required to provide adequate hand washing facilities. This includes portable water, soap, and single-use towels. One portable toilet is also required for every 20 workers. Failure to do so will result in a fine. Thus, workers need to ensure they provide hand washing facilities such as portable handwashing stations to ensure they comply with the rule and avoid any risks. 

Overall, providing portable washing stations at your construction sites is important to reduce any health, costs, operational, and even legal risks. This will ensure your construction project goes smoothly as planned!

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