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 All construction workers should have access to appropriate facilities during their workday, including portable toilets. Employers must provide decent portable toilets for their employees working on construction sites and other people using their sites by either buying or hiring from a trusted safety company. It is important that portable toilets are cleaned and presented in a safe and hygienic way to avoid infection and disease.


There should be at least one toilet for every twenty male workers, and one toilet for every fifteen female workers, according to the National Construction Code of Australia. Ideally, there should be seperate toilets for male and female workers, although in some cases a unisex toilet may be provided.

According to Work Safe Australia, construction site toilets should be placed on stable, flat ground, as they are not permanent fixtures and are not anchored to the ground. So, it needs to be placed in a good spot. They need to be placed where everyone can safely access them, regardless of the weather conditions. 


Why SiteTech Portable Toilets?

We provide toilets that are professional, comfortable and secure. They have foot pumps for flushing the toilet and basin water to remove any hygiene issues. Our SiteTech FlushMax 390 Portable toilet will help you maximise productivity on the worksite. 

SiteTech FlushMax 390 Portable Toilet
Optional Portable Toilet Soap Dispenser

SiteTech FlushMax 390 Portable Toilet

  • Latest 2021 modern design
  • Huge capacity 390L waste and 130L water tanks
  • Hygienic foot pump water flush and hand wash
  • Lifting hooks with reinforced steel roof frame
  • Strong UV treated HDPE plastics
  • Naturally lit translucent white roof
  • Heavy duty plastic fork skid base – Non-slip easy clean self draining floor
  • Key lockable self closing door
  • Large internal mirror
  • Gender indicator – Coat hook

*Optional add-ons including rear evacuation valve, soap dispenser, company branding

Our portable toilets are available for sale or hire, depending on your needs. Moreover, we also provide maintenance, cleaning, and pumping services on site. You can choose from daily, weekly fortnightly or a monthly full service. Our regular servicing is included when you hire with us to maintain optimum cleanliness and we use biodegradable chemical tank treatments.

SiteTech Fleet© Portable Toilet

  • More interior room
  • Greater airflow and air circulation so they stay cooler in summer and less likely to cause odour
  • Light absorbent roofing to allow increased brightness
  • Soap dispensers included as standard
  • Regular full servicing
  • Non-Biodegradable in house chemicals to break down waste
  • Self-closing door

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