SiteTech Safety Featured in EcoGeneration’s Latest Installer Safety Report

We’re extremely proud to have our height safety technology featured in the latest EcoGeneration Installer Safety Report. Both the EBRACKET Edge Protection Technology and the new Pro-Vis Skylight Safety Mesh offer industry-leading protection against falls and are creating real change for our workers.

The EBRACKET products can be easily set up from the ground and rely on a pressure-based system so it doesn’t physically attach to the house, making sure workers have no way to fall off an edge when they are on the roof.

This excerpt from the report with confronting statistics clearly explains why we do what we do in the height safety space.

‘According to Michael Tilden, assistant state inspector from SafeWork NSW, the NSW safety regulator saw a rise in complaints and incidents in the solar industry during the previous 12 to 18 months. He said this was in part due to a rise in demand for renewable energy, with 90,415 installations recorded between January and November 2021. Sadly, there were two fatalities recorded during that time.

In 2019, Tilden said the regulator visited 348 construction sites, targeting falls and found 86 per cent of those sites had ladders that weren’t set up correctly, and 45 per cent had inadequate edge protection in place. “This is quite concerning in terms of the level of risk these activities present,” he told us.

Tilden said most of the serious injuries and fatalities occur between just two and four metres. He also said the bulk of fatal injuries tend to occur when someone falls through roof surfaces, as opposed to falling off a roof edge. Unsurprisingly, young and inexperienced workers are more vulnerable to falls and other safety breaches.

The risk of losing a human life should be enough to persuade most companies to abide by safety regulations, but there is also the risk of fines upwards of $500,000, which is enough to put many small companies out of business.’

Our mission at SiteTech Safety is to ensure Australians get home safely to their families every night.

Read the full report here.

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