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Our products can be used for residential or commercial building sites, concerts, festivals, sporting events, community events and more.

In addition, we also provide printed banner mesh and site signage to compliment your site and increase brand awareness with SiteTech Media.

Why It’s Important to Protect Your Work Site

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Our Products


Portable toilets

We take pride in our next level, USA manufactured recyclable rotation moulded HDPE portable toilets – professional, comfortable and secure toilets with key lock doors and foot pumps for toilet flush and basin water to remove any hygiene issues. Maximise productivity on your worksite with a SiteTech Fleet© Toilet. Sitetech is one of very few companies that service toilets on site to maintain optimum cleanliness. We only use biodegradable chemical tank treatment and provide complimentary air scent disks. Our regular servicing is included.


Temporary fencing

Our Temporary Fencing Panels are designed for long life and regular use. They incorporate an anti-climb welded mesh infill, painted blue and fully hot dipped galvanised to Australian standards and for maximum street appeal. We include anti-tamper forged steel fence couplers applied at each panel join, a welded chain, and when used in conjunction with our recycled plastic or concrete fence feet, clamps and stays, it creates a complete Temporary Fencing System.


Portable hand wash stations

Freestanding and extremely lightweight (36kg empty), our portable hand wash stations are perfect for your worksite. They feature two individual handwash stations, two soap dispensers and 2 paper towel holders. Holding up to 115L of freshwater and 85L of grey water at any one time.



We have applied the latest technology to develop our innovative recycled FlexiTech crossovers that are x5 stronger than wooden crossovers, giving you longer-lasting, easier access to your site. With steel strapping to secure the planks together, our crossovers provide maximum strength to support heavy machinery accessing sites and offer pavement protection.


Silt protection

Prevent dirt and mud, windblown rubbish and stormwater run-off from escaping onto footpaths, gutters and roads with our silt protection product. We insert one end underground and attach the other to our temporary fencing forming a barrier, to keep the front of your site looking professional.


Security cameras

Sitetech 360 security cameras provide 24 hours security and visibility of your site, conveniently interfacing with an App.
The cameras are solar powered, easy to install and can provide time lapse footage for you or your customers.

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