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EBRACKET® Commercial Range (EBC)



Purpose built for commercial builders, this patented EBRACKET™ design allows faster installation times and greater flexibility, whilst ensuring maximum employee safety when working at heights. The EBC Commercial E Bracket is designed to fit to steel DHS (‘C’ section purlins, concrete tilt panels, concrete floors and timber mid-floor construction. It provides for clearance with roof overhangs on commercial construction sites and is ideally suited to face mounting on most substates. If you’re looking at options around industrial scaffolding for your next project, consider this as an easier more cost effective option.

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– Suitable for roof pitches from flat up to 35 degrees

– Patented E Bracket technology with flexible system of accessories

– The method of attachment requires a minimum 150mm x 0.8mm steel DHL purlin, 140mm x 40mm sound timber or sound masonry panel/floor

– Made in NZ to the highest quality standards

– Stackable storage system allowing easy transportation to site

– Fully compliant to AS/NZ S4994.12009

– Compatible with all roof access systems such as gates and stairs

The EBRACKET® Edge Protection Technology is distributed in Australia by SiteTech Solutions.
Why Australian businesses love the EBRACKET® Edge Protection technology.
The Safest Solution
95% of the EBRACKET® Edge Protection System can be assembled from the ground. Making it the safest height safety solution on the market. It is rigorously designed and tested to be compliant with AS/NZS 4994.1:2009. So, you can rest assured your business is meeting the enforced OHS standards.
The EBRACKET® Edge Protection System is approx. 40% cheaper than scaffolding. Pays for itself, as you stop continuously paying for scaffold-based edge protection. Also ​​hire the system out to other contractors – more money in your pocket!
Simple & Efficient 
The EBRACKET® Edge Protection System only takes 30 mins to assemble. Once it’s all in place, you’re then able to move around more freely without the hassle of a harness. This means your job time is reduced.

What our customers have to say about the EBRACKET® Height Safety System:

“Thank you SiteTech Safety for the lovely edge protection. Perfect solution to our scaffold situation and will be well used thereafter.” – Shamrock Roof Services, Melbourne

“Every solar installation we do is now a lot safer thanks to SiteTech Solutions. Peri Peri is now leading the way in WA for solar installations, roof safety and OH&S.” – Peri Peri Electrical, Perth

“It’s a great system – easy for the guys to assemble and fast!” – N.G Cabling Solutions, Melbourne

Mount (EBC) – Complete, Multibracket (EBCMB) – Complete, Parapet and Slab Clamp (EBCP) – Complete, Surface Mount (EBCS) – Complete

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