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EBRACKET® New Build Truss Mount (EBS)



Purpose built for new home builders, this patented EBRACKET™ design allows faster installation times and greater flexibility, whilst ensuring maximum employee safety when working at heights. The EBS New Build Truss Mount is designed to fit to the top chord of the truss or direct to the rafter on a new building. It provides for excellent clearance with both metal and timber fascia systems, as well as all gutter profiles given its adjustability by simply placing it at the required distance from the fascia. A great option for builders specialising in garages and farm sheds as opposed to building scaffolding around the job.

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– Suitable for roof pitches from flat degrees up to 35 degrees

– EBracket will erect rapidly with up to 5.4 metre aluminium rail lengths

– No more waiting for scaffold companies!

– Patented E Bracket technology

– Available in both left and right hand

– Made in NZ to the highest quality standards.

– Stackable storage system allowing easy transportation to site

– Fully compliant to AS/NZ S4994.12009

– Compatible with all roof access systems such as gates and stairs


LH – Bracket Only, LH – Complete, RH – Bracket Only, RH – Complete

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