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Portable Toilets

The latest technology in portable toilets is featured in these Sitetech Comfort Tech toilets.

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We take pride in our next level rotation moulded HDPE portable toilets. SiteTech provides professional, comfortable, secure, good looking portable toilets with foot pumps for toilet flush and basin water to remove any hygiene issues.

Maximise productivity on your work site with a SiteTech Fleet© Portable Toilet. Choose from daily, weekly fortnightly or a monthly full service including pump and clean on site. Our regular servicing is included to maintain optimum cleanliness and we use biodegradable chemical tank treatments.

– More interior room

– Greater airflow and air circulation so they stay cooler in summer and less likely to cause odour

– Light absorbent roofing to allow increased brightness

– Soap dispensers included as standard

– Regular full servicing

– Non-Biodegradable in house chemicals to break down waste

– Self-closing door

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