Why is Temporary Fencing Important for Site Safety?

Temporary fencing can be found in all worksites across the country. But, have you ever wondered why? And how important it actually is?

  1. Stay safe from intruders

    As a fence, they keep intruders out of your construction site. As they are sturdy and strong, They will be an obstacle for those who are trying to get into your worksite, ensuring all your equipment, machinery, and work is safe inside. 

  2. Avoid Vandalism

    There are often graffiti artists and taggers who love to randomly draw graffiti on your construction site walls, creating a problem and hassle for the project overall. To keep them off your walls, you can install temporary fencing solutions so that they will find it difficult to enter or even jump over the fence. It will also give a sense of fear to those who are trying to enter illegally.

  3. Accidental trespassing

    Construction sites are dangerous and they are often so hazardous that no public member should enter or even be around. However, sometimes people just don’t realise they’re stepping into a worksite and can accidentally step on materials that may make them trip or fall. Therefore, it is important to install a temporary fence to keep them from accidentally entering, especially at night when there are no signs or personnel to alert them.

  4. Protecting the public from debris

    Worksites can produce a lot of debris like dirt, soil, and dust. This can be dangerous if it gets out into the surrounding environment. So, temporary fencing is necessary to help prevent the debris get out further into the surrounding places or even passers-by.

Temporary fencing is essential in construction work sites for various reasons including protection from intruders, vandalism, safety, and more. 

At SiteTech, we provide quality steel star pickets for your fencing purposes in the worksite, designed specifically for safety. SiteTech Safety range of steel star pickets are:

  • Manufactured from steel 
  • Bitumen coated to prevent rust 
  • Hole punched (x 14 holes) and pointed 
  • Fire resistant 

For orders above $500, we offer free delivery in Melbourne, with pickup available in Dandenong South.

Purchase your steel star pickets now and ensure your worksite is safe!

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